St. Teresa Convent School – Infrastructure

The School Campus is spread over 1 acres of land and is situated in Sector 25, Panchkula. The school building has three blocks comprising of 45 spacious classrooms with the average teacher to student ratio of 1: 15. The central block houses the multipurpose hall, library, science & computer laboratories. 


The school has 42 classrooms which provide a strong academic grounding to the pupils. Classrooms are equipped with cameras. The display boards inside and outside the classrooms are used to appreciate and celebrate children’s original work and creativity.


There are four well equipped labs for Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These spacious rooms are used to provide good quality science education.


It is our constant endeavour to upgrade our library to make it an inviting space and a rich information centre for both students and teachers.

Information Technology 

There is a Computer Laboratory and all students from classes I to X use the facilities to gain computer literacy. This is powered by state-of-the-art servers and internet. The school empowers its teachers by providing some of the world’s best educational resources .Computer assisted teaching is effectively combined with time-tested teaching practices.

Multipurpose Hall 

The latest sound and lighting equipment has been installed in the Multipurpose Hall to make it well-equipped for Drama and Theatre activities. The school has a full calendar of co-curricular activities which include Quizzes, Debates, Volte Face, Poetry Recitation & Story telling in English, Hindi & Punjabi, Singing & Dance. Realizing the powerful weapon good speech can be, ample opportunities are given to pupils to practice the spoken word.

Art and Craft 

Since works of art and craft are manifestations of children’s thinking and feelings, dialogue is encouraged to help students express themselves about the world around them. Separate spaces for Art and Craft help nurture students’ talents.


The school has a modestly sized play ground where pupils regularly play various games There is a Skating rink cum Basketball court on the school premises. Qualified coaches conduct training sessions in school. To promote sports in the early years of the child the school will be starting the ‘Teresa Trophy’ for various games.

Facilities First aid 

“It is better to know First aid and not need it, than to need it and not know it” First- aid and elementary medical care is provided to all students. Parents are immediately notified of any serious illness or injury. If need be, the child is moved to a hospital without delay. First- aid classes are conducted for all the faculty members and senior students. A well equipped First Aid kit is always maintained. At the beginning of the session, parents are informed, through the link book, about the First- aid medicines used at school. Parents inform the school, in writing, if their child is:

Allergic to any medicine used for the First aid at School.

Suffers from any other allergy or chronic ailments.


A highly qualified, soft spoken and easily approachable Counselor looks into the emotional, physical, mental and personal problems of the children. Students are encouraged to attend talks by experts both in and outside school. The parents and alumni are invited to interact with students & share their experiences in their chosen fields.


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we’re curious! And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

St. Teresa Convent School stands for learning through exploration, experimentation and experience. Often, many are called but a few are chosen and St. Teresa Convent School is one among those few, to proudly avail the grant from the Government of India to create a novel environment to foster scientific temper, innovation and creativity amongst students with the setting up of the Atal Tinkering Laboratory.

The Atal Tinkering Lab is an approach under the aegis of Niti Aayog, by the central government to create scientific temperament and innovation among students. The Lab is well equipped with the latest apparatuses and intends to create a motivational environment to develop research skills among the enthusiastic learners of science.


School has a fleet of 6 self-owned buses plying across the city of Panchkula and towns of Derabassi, Barwala, and nearby areas.

The drivers have been employed with the school from a long time. Each bus has allocation of a cleaner, to take care of any emergency arising. A female attendant accompanies the bus during its morning and evening routes.

All the buses are fitted with CCTV with live recording and GPS for further safety of the students.