Fee Structure

Class Admission Fee Tuition Fee (monthly)
PG to V Rs. 17000 Rs. 3750
VI to VIII Rs. 21000 Rs. 4000
IX to XII Rs. 21000 Rs. 4800

Fee Rules

    • All Fees are to be deposited Online/ICICI Bank (Sector 25, Panchkula) or at the school counter. The counter will remain open from 10:00 A.m. to 1:00 P.M. on all school working days.
    • The fee book must be presented at the time of payment of school fee. Do not remove vouchers.
    • Tuition fee is to be paid in monthly installments for all the months. The fee of May & June, Feb & March to be paid together.
    • Last day for depositing the Fee is 10th of every month.
    • Late fee of Rs 20/- per day will be charged after 10th of due month.
    • Cheque returned by the bank for any reasons will be treated as non-payment of fee and Rs 250/ will be charged against this complacency.
    • Re-admission procedure will have to be followed, if parent/guardian intends to keep the child in the school.
    • Deposit slips are to be filled by the parent/guardian at the time of deposit.
    • Fee for all the months will be accepted by local cheque/Bank draft only.
    • No circulars/reminders will be sent for the payment of fee.
    • If a student fails to pay the school dues for 45 days his /her name will be struck off from the school rolls, however the child will have to be readmitted after seeking approval from the principal.
    • Parents should preserve the receipt, to be produced if demanded by the school.
    • No applications with regard to remission of fine will be entertained.