The Popcorn and Milk experiment is a ton of fun!

Intending to cultivate scientific temperament and attitude among the children,
St. Teresa Convent school conducted Popcorn and Milk activity for them. The
kids are setting a classic example of utilising their time effectively by
conducting Science experiments.
Kids of Pre Primary treated themselves to popcorn by popping up their favourite
popcorn and milk experiment with their teachers. The students are so amazed
that how the popcorn are being so full of air that once it is placed in the milk,
the milk pushes all the air out of the air pockets filling up all the empty space
which then turns the popcorn soggy.
Teachers apprised kids – Why does popcorn dissolve in milk? Through this
experiment they learnt about the volume of mixtures and solutions. When
particles dissolve, the total volume of a mixture is less than the volume of its
Little ones explored that how Popcorn and milk are the only two things that will
go into the same place. This fun filled activity helped them to gain a better
understanding of how the milk and popcorn separately have a larger volume and
had a wonderful learning experience