Teej Celebration

St. Teresa Convent School, Panchkula organized a plethora of online activities to mark the traditional festival of Punjab -Teej . The students were assigned to make their short videos of folk dance, folksong representing the theme by dressing up in vibrant costumes to spread colours of happiness and positivity all around even in the scary situation of Pandemic lockdown. Students also enjoyed swings and applied various design of Mehndi on their hands and made traditional dishes.By tapping their feet on the beats of dhol, the students added charm to the festival even by staying at their homes. Mothers of students also participated in the celebrations with festive fervour.The online celebrations have a different flavour to it. Young students are more spontaneous and improvising without neglecting or bypassing the traditional touches of the festival.Ms. Shelley Chugh, Principal, appreciated the students for their endeavours and wished everyone ‘Happy Teej’. She further shared the importance of celebrating Teej and said that celebration of such festivals helps the students to stay connected with their roots and culture.