School Management

To fulfill his vision of setting up of an educational institute where students had no fear of learning and were provided with opportunities to hone their skills so that they could be better humans and citizens of the world, Rose Petal Educational & Children Welfare Society was established in the 2002 under the able -guidance of Mr. A. L. Chopra as the Chairperson.

The society consists of eminent personalities of the society from all walks of life, who are dedicated towards making education an invigorating experience in the growth of a child.

The Society has been working relentlessly towards achieving its goal of a holistic growth of its students so as to provide them with a multi – faceted growth.

The School Management consists of educationists and philanthropists from various strata of society who are dedicated towards the betterment of education.

The School Management does not discriminate between students on grounds of religion, caste, creed or social background. It is committed to providing quality education to all its students.

It provides equal opportunity education and adheres to the RTE rules as laid down by the government.

Chairperson’s Message

Chairman - St. Teresa Convent School

St. Teresa Convent School has carved its own distinguished place in the field of education. It aims to nurture self-awareness, academic excellence and a global vista in its students as also to prepare them to face the challenges posed in the current scenario with courage and determination.

Our curriculum is so designed to help the students on their path of growth to become creative, thinking and above all responsible citizens. The students are guided to master the skills of 21st century. They are sensitized on their role in the conservation of the environment, preservation of our rich and varied culture.

School aims at strengthening the feelings of communal harmony and nationalism amongst its students.

The school has sculptured itself into a distinct learning institution with the support of the parents.

As parents and teachers, it is upto us to provide the best possible education in an ever changing world. It is of paramount importance that parents, teachers and administrators work together as a single unit to provide the best learning environment to the learners.

We are committed to the vision of our parent body, Rose Petal Educational & Children Welfare Society towards enrichment of the educational experience of the individuals entrusted to our care.

Teresians Fraternity welcomes you.

Amrit Lal Chopra

Vice Chairperson’s Message

St. Teresa Convent School provides an equal opportunity to every child to progress and experience triumph. We pursue a shared approach where the school, parents and teachers work together and support each other through the child’s journey in school.

Due to rapid development of technology our teachers are trained to provide technology supported learning opportunities to the students through smart boards. We are proud of the fact that the teachers here, have been empowered and better equipped to engage the attention of the students and create more effective learning environment.

To promote holistic learning, Art in Education is being promoted through the various clubs such art, theater and dance. Through a question of the week, high order thinking skills are taught to the students.

Participation in Inter house and co- curricular activities is encouraged. Starting them young – a provision for afternoon games is available where coaching for skating, martial arts is available. Every new process that is started in school is measured and its outcome analysed.

The experiences that the child undergoes within the school are invaluable and they go a long way in grooming the child, equipping him to face the challenges and shoulder the responsibilities that lie ahead.

This is what the St. Teresa family strives to achieve for all students.