‘Primary Colours Activity’

The color of love and smiles illuminates the online platform….Can we imagine the world without colours? The world looks beautiful with colours. To recall and register the Primary colours in their mind. St. Teresa Convent School, Panchkula conducted an activity to identify ‘Primary Colours’ for their pre primary classes. This activity was meant to explain the students about the concept of primary colours.The activity was successfully carried out by respective class teachers through demonstration of an experiment. Children showed their full excitement in mixing paints to get secondary colours during the experiment. The idea behind this activity was to develop an awareness of the colours in an interesting way that will ensure higher retention and learning outcomes. It was indeed a fun-filled day for the little wonders as they were seen completely engaged in practical activities that will also enhance their mental development process.The key objective behind conducting this activity was to deliver the concept of “Primary colours” to the children through engaging hands-on activities, which will help further enhance their fine motor skills & boost their ability of visual discrimination also.Eventually, the little munchkins were clearly able to explore which colors can be mixed together to form new colors, and what steps they have taken to create the color they need and explain their results.