Middle Section

The curriculum and activities are planned purposefully and pursued persistently.

The academic session is divided into two terms-April to September and October to March. There are three Periodic Tests and one Final Exam.

Learning beyond textbooks is through :-

Co-Curricular Activities

St. Teresa Convent School - MIddle Section
  •  Inter-house Activities and competitions
  • Peer Group and Pair work
  •  Class Discussions
  • Research Work
  • Model Making
  •  Preparing and Presenting Power point presentations
  • Field Trips
  • Experimenting in the Laboratories
  • Online Participation in Quiz, Poster designing etc.

Special Programmes

  • CO-CLUB ACTIVITIES Environment is a global issue in the present scenario. Various activities are undertaken to sensitize the students on environmental issues.
  • Celebrating days (Earth Day, World Forestry Day, World Environment Day, Wildlife Weeks etc.)
  • Drawing, Poster making, Slogan Writing, Creating Best out of Waste competitions are organized.
  •  Working Hand in Hand with various NGO’s (Yuvsatta) towards conserving Nature & Natural resources.
  • INTERACTIVE SESSIONS: Students get an opportunity to interact with well known personalities.
  • Scientists –learn to relate textbook learning to daily life
  • Authors- Get motivated to read & write
  •  Doctors- Learn about personal hygiene, medical facts & gender sensitivity.
  •  Field Show or Variety Programme or a Project Display is organized annually where in each and every student participates.
  • SPACE–ISSEarthKAM: A ‘NAS’ initiative where the students are introduced to observe the ‘locations’ of their choice on earth through the satellite and click images of the same-satellite photograph.
  • Training programme for teachers aimed to empower educators to become energetic, effective, reflective practitioners and lifelong learners.
  • Field Trips and Excursions are organized.
  • Games & Sports: Students have an option to join the after school clubs i.e. Skating, Dance, and martial Arts.